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Why March 2018 Will Be Different

February 22, 2018

Next month will feature a return to old-fashioned March and spring traditions, but also will promise to be very different from the last 2-3 Marches. Firstly, the "traditional March concert season" has evaporated over the last few years and by now, they can fully focus on the fact that there will not be one again. Last March there was a balancing act in wondering if there would be a traditional March concert season or not, and it turned into a 1-2 concert affair. There now hasn't been a traditional, full March concert season since really March 2015. With this not even being an option or a thought going into this March, it will actually allow them to focus on the more important things that will get reinstated this March (weather permitting of course). First and foremost is golfing in March, and alot of it. We aren't talking two practices at Mulligan's. We are talking about each and every week playing a 9-18 hole venue and also mixing practices in between. March needs to return to being a great golf month, but of course one of the biggest inhibitors to that over the last few years is very poor weather in March. Well, even if the weather is poor next month, the players want to PUSH to play as long as a course is open and the temperature is > 45. If there is grass, they will push to play this time around. Overall, March 2018 will be active, it will be about the outdoors, and it won't be about waiting for the grass to grow and turn green. They will push to play, whereas in previous years they would only golf when conditions were perfect. The focus this March will not be on concerts, it will be on golf and getting the outdoors activities going. Following the PGA, which has been great in 2018, will also continue, as well as fantasy baseball and baseball in general. March Madness will also be followed intensely, whereas the last few years it was again, just an afterthought. The players will be focusing on what March has to offer and working on jumpstarting the spring, instead of waiting until May. 










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